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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

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LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE:  Provides specialized primary nursing care for children and young adult residents of The Home. Incumbents will be required to work a variety of shifts, working with critically fragile children and young adults with special medical and physical needs, and supervise DSPs working with them in support of a person centered model of care.  (Applicants may download their resume; however, we are unable to schedule an interview without a completed online application for employment.  This position requires a specific level of formal education and a specific license or certificate.  Documentation of the education and license/certificate must be provided to the Home before orientation begins.)


  1. Conducts daily physical assessments of assigned residents.
  2. Administers medications, treatments and tube feedings as prescribed by the physician. 
  3. Administers care to tracheostomy-dependent residents after completing required training. 
  4. Receives, transcribes and implements physician’s orders. 
  5. Intervenes appropriately in the event of emergencies with residents or staff. 
  6. Documents activities related to nursing and medical care in a timely manner and consistent with established formats. 
  7. Safeguards Patients’ Rights. 
  8. Assists in developing and updating the program plans of specific children as a member of interdisciplinary teams. 
  9. Demonstrates knowledge about, and participates in the provision of Active Treatment Programs for residents. 
  10. Assists with the maintenance of a safe and sanitary environment in compliance with OSHA Regulations. 
  11. Participates in staff meetings and staff development programs as directed. 
  12. Acts as communicator between family and staff. 
  13. Accompanies residents to the hospital, as necessary. 
  14. Transports residents to the hospital, as necessary. 
  15. Directs and supervises the delivery of nursing in absence of the R.N. 
  16. Acts as Charge Nurse, as assigned. 
  17. Assists Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) as needed. 
  18. Actively supervises and directs the activities of the DSPs on an ongoing basis.
  19. a. Makes job and break time assignments in the absence of a DSP team leader.
    b. Ensures their compliance with St. Mary’s personnel policies and procedures as they relate to workplace behavior and appearance.
    c. Appropriately corrects and/or redirects DSP behavior and activities when such behavior is inconsistent with job assignments or DSP performance standards.
    d. Participates in the annual performance evaluation of DSPs working under your direction.
    e. Report insubordinate DSP behavior or any other flagrant disregard of DSP job assignments, duties or established resident care procedures, especially  instances of negligence and abuse, to the Chief Nursing Officer or the Charge Nurse.



  1. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing.
  2. Must have a current Practical Nurse license issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia or proof of application for such.
  3. Must have a minimum of one year experience preferably in pediatrics; medical/surgical experience will be acceptable.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge, skill and experience in specialized nursing techniques (including the care of tracheostomy-dependent residents, preferred).
  5. References reflect a good attitude, dependability, good judgment, and the ability to function independently.
  6. Demonstrates the ability to make frequent and well-reasoned nursing judgments and/or decisions.
  7. CPR and Basic First Aid certification is required.


  1. Must be able to sit, stand, stoop and walk for variable lengths of time. 
  2. Must be able to lift up to thirty five (35) pounds independently, and with or without required equipment (dependent upon the weight of the child), must be able to use proper equipment and procedures to safely lift residents to reposition them, place them in chairs, etc.