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Licensed Behavior Analyst

Licensed Behavior Analyst

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Must be able to work a flexible schedule; most hours will be when the children and young adults are not in school..
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The Licensed Behavior Analyst responsibilities shall include, but may not be limited to, conducting behavioral assessments, analyzing data, writing and revising behavior-analytic treatment plans, training others to implement components of treatment plans, and overseeing the implementation of treatment plans. Recommendations may include programing and protocols for specific individuals living at the Home. These recommendations will be based on review of records, observation, program implementation, data collection, and feedback from staff. The position may supervise staff who are responsible for the direct implementation of treatment plans.


  1. Develops client specific therapeutic treatment plans based on appropriate assessments and developmental guidelines in compliance with all current state and federal regulations.
  2. In conjunction with qualified intellectual disabilities professionals (QIDP), supervisory staff and direct support professionals (DSP), develops programs appropriate to the current and future needs of the individuals. Creates programs, moves targets forward, prepares program materials, and makes procedural changes as needed.
  3. Designs and implements behavior observation systems, support plans, and behavior intervention guidelines.
  4. Coordinate the collection, summarization and analysis of data related to individual program goals and behavioral plans.
  5. Consults with QIDPs, DSPs, and supervisory staff to ensure that programming is adequate to meet the needs of the individual.
  6. Analyzes program data to ensure appropriate progress and effectiveness.
  7. Supervises, orients, and trains Behavior Technicians in the implementation of programs and behavioral intervention procedures, routinely providing ongoing coaching and feedback to enhance staff development and skill. Ensures Behavior Technician is oriented appropriately to the company and follows all policies and procedures.
  8. Evaluates Behavior Technician performance and addresses issues to ensure quality and consistency across clinical programs.
  9. Proactively addresses employee relation issues or concerns, including ongoing coaching and feedback, employee development, performance management, and disciplinary actions.
  10. Leads weekly clinical team meetings to discuss case progress, address Behavior Technician and caregiver concerns, review individual program plans, advance program targets, and recommend revisions as necessary.
  11. Provides reports on all restrictive treatment plans at quarterly meetings of the Independent Review and the Specially Constituted Committees.
  12. Provides verbal, written, and graphic communications, including but not limited to completing reports on the use of restrictive techniques for regulatory agencies.
  13. Consults with supervisory staff to ensure the provision of effective and efficient service delivery.
  14. Continually develops skills and knowledge in the area of behavior analysis through participation in continuing education, workshops, and required company training.
  15. Follows and abides by all BCBA ethical guidelines and policies, regulations, and laws including confidentiality and HIPAA. Adheres to mandated reporting regulations.
  16. Follows and ensures all staff are abiding by St. Mary’s Home’s policies and procedures.
  17. As needed, will collaborate with an individual’s school staff and attend IEP meetings to create consistency with service goals.
  18. Consistent and regular attendance is a requirement of the position.



  1. A Master’s Degree in Psychology or Special Education. 


  1. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a minimum of 400 hours of hands-on training in providing ABA services directly to children and/or adults with developmental disabilities.
  2. A solid understanding of developmental disabilities and behavioral principles.
  3. Experience utilizing applied behavior analytic strategies to modify behavior.
  4. Experience with functional behavior assessments and writing behavior support plans.


  1. Must be licensed as a Behavior Analyst (LBA) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Skills and Competencies:

  1. Natural ability to interact with children and adults, with the ability to work with a variety of children at different functioning levels.
  2. Must display energy and creativity.
  3. Critical thinking skills, with strong analytical abilities.
  4. Strong work ethic, with the ability to meet scheduling commitments.
  5. Strong leadership skills to include conflict resolution, coaching, and training.
  6. Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships. Must be able to communicate information and ideas by speaking in a way in which others will understand.



Must be able to work a flexible schedule; most hours will be when the children and young adults are not in school..